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Dr. Frans Noorman van der Dussen

This website aims to provide information about the Facial Feminization Surgery performed by Dr. Frans Noorman van der Dussen.

Facial Feminization Surgery

He is well known around the world for his achievements in Cranial Facial Aesthetic Surgery and especially Facial Feminization Surgery, in which field he developed procedures that have been adopted by many of his colleagues. His target is remodeling the face into average female proportions in a natural harmonious way without exaggerations.

Clinics in Antwerp, Belgium

In his clinics in Antwerp, Belgium, he implements surgical procedures which combine bone structure and soft tissue operations preferably in one session.

Highly Individual

The procedures are highly individual and depend on the archetype of the client's face. The archetype dictates the limits in which the facial feminization procedure can be performed.

Passing at first glance appraisal

What is passing? This is the day you throw your male outfit in the bin and step out as a woman into the outer circle of your social life as discrete as possible. The goal is male to female gender reassignment in the face, so that you will pass at first glance appraisal.

The procedures

Dr. Frans Noornan van der Dussen developed surgical procedures that do not leave any visible scars at all and also result in a swift recovery. The procedures are a combination of bone structure and soft tissue operations in only one surgical intervention. The advantage is that all anatomical units in the face can be mutually fine tuned in a harmonious way.

Three pillars of beauty

All procedures are founded on the three pillars of beauty: Proportions, Symmetry and Clarity. This results in delicate jaws, nice pronunciation of the cheekbones, small chin, large eyes, full lips and a nice dental show.


Average proportions are more attractive than unusual ones.

The goal is to achieve harmony with a small lower jaw and chin width, a low facial height-index and a normal facial width ratio.


Symmetry is a strong sign of physical health.

Absolute symmetry does not exist, but the endeavor is the nearest possible symmetry in the surgical procedures.


Clarity is the skin condition.

The aim is a smooth and unblemished skin.

The do's and the don'ts

  • Do as much surgical procedures in one intervention.
  • If you prefer to break down different surgical procedures into consecutive interventions then do not split up adjacent anatomical units.
  • Do not follow fashion trends.

The journey of your operation


The consultation is the heart of a highly individual elective surgical planning. A pre-operative assessment will take place. This means taking x-ray and digital photos for facial analysis of your actual proportions. Then calculating the difference between your proportions and the average female proportions. Then determining the surgical tools needed to remodel the face. It is obvious that we take in account your personal preferences regarding feminine facial form and expression.


We will send you an estimate the week after the consultation with a full breakdown of all surgical procedures, hospital costs, anesthetist fee and doctors fee included.


You will have a date set when you can come to Antwerp, Belgium for your operation. Information about transport and hotel accommodation will be provided for. Take into account that you will stay in the hospital the first day after the operation. This day the bandages and drains are removed. The bandages are then replaced by a supporting garment for the following week. Most people stay in a hotel in Antwerp during this week in which you may have to return to the clinic for removal of packings and the splint. Staples can later be removed by your local physician after returning home.

My philosophy

The concept

  • Performing multiple bone- and soft tissue procedures in all facial anatomical units in one surgical intervention.
  • To work out the procedures in the right sequence for the best possible harmonious facial feminine expression.

Core options

  • Opening the view, reduce the "Hooding Factor", take the eyes out of the shade.
  • The shape and outline of the forehead-nose-cheek and upper lip must fit in the average 3D harmonious proportional quotation range.
  • Reduce the width of the lower jaw and the squareness of the chin and fit the lower facial height in the average (or smaller) proportional quotation range.
  • Redrape the overlaying soft tissues and fatpads to highlight the definition of the flow and shade of the cheekbone.
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